A rare photo.



A rare photo.

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Print is trimmed and margins framed around content before mounting in a simple black frame with transparent matte which highlights your walls existing color.

This vintage advertisement has been trimmed carefully from its original periodical or technical manual.  Some wear and tear exists as these are original pieces.  We recommended the ad prior to framing be trimmed to fit your matte and to remove any edge wear.

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You don’t see too many pictures like this because we really never pictured ourselves this way. For the past 23 years, while just about every other car company has been feeling the pulse of the nation and changing the looks of their cars accordingly, we’ve been fixing the inside of our little car just so you wouldn’t have to have jt fixed so often. The result is that today, there’s not one single part on a ’71 Volkswagen that hasn’t been improved at least once. Recently, a top level executive from a big automotive firm summed up our position on the subject for us: “Consumers today are more interested in quality, low cost of operation and durability, and less interested in styling, power and performance.” That’s top level thinking? Our top level thinkers have been thinking that way since 1949.

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8-8.5in x 10.75-11.25in, Single Page


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