In Germany they say Bey Em Vey. And they get out of the way.



In Germany they say Bey Em Vey. And they get out of the way.

In America they say…. ‘I’m calling my lawyer’  after a little left lane flashing of the brights.

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Print is trimmed and margins framed around content before mounting in a simple black frame with transparent matte which highlights your walls existing color.

This vintage advertisement has been trimmed carefully from its original periodical or technical manual.  Some wear and tear exists as these are original pieces.  We recommended the ad prior to framing be trimmed to fit your matte and to remove any edge wear.

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Because they see it happen so often: On the Autobahn, where there’s no peed limit, a mall sedan pull away from the pack and head for the horizon. That” BMW. (Or a they ay, Bey Em Vey.) The one that crui e at I 00 mph. Now America i di ·covering BMW. Suddenly that di tinctive grille eem to be e erywhere. Becau e thi car i · the be t po ible new for the man who want performance and need a family sedan. Rugged a well a fa t, a BMW i powered by a hort- troke engine of extremely advanced de ign. Pi ton peed i comparatively low for its output, with the re ult that the engine run moother, la t longer. There imply f le wear. And roadability? Recently a BMW production edan equalled the lap record on the NUrburgring et by Juan Manuel Fangio in hi Formula I racing car in 1957. A feat like that required fabulous road holding. which in turn required a fabulous suspension. With BMW, that’ exactly what you get. Independent all around, it feature pring trut up front, emi-trailing arm aft, with a multijointed rear axle. There imply i no better y tern. o you begin to realize why more BMW’ are old on the road than anywhere. You ee one treak by. You want to know more. You vi it your dealer. He tell you that at Germany’ famed Bavarian Motor Works, we’ve been building fine car for nearly 50 year • and our late t are our be t ever. And you find it hard to believe that this practical car i the one you’ve been whistling at on the highway. So you ask for a the t drive. suddenly everything’ getting out of your way.

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