The Little car that grows on you.



The Little car that grows on you.

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This vintage advertisement has been trimmed carefully from its original periodical or technical manual.  Some wear and tear exists as these are original pieces.  We recommended the ad prior to framing be trimmed to fit your matte and to remove any edge wear.

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There are two ways of looking at the Vega Hatchback Coupe. One, you can look at it as a sporty little 2-seat. er which, unlike most sporty little 2-seaters, has a back seat you can flip up on those rare occasions when you have three or four people aboard. Or you can look at it as a sporty little 4-seater which, unlike a lot of sporty little 4-seaters, has a back seat you can flip down when you have a lot of stuff to haul, like on Saturday. The Vega Hatchback was designed from the outset to be a Hatchback. MARK OF EXCELLENCE Buckle your seat and shoulder belts. It’s an idea you can live with. It isn’t an afterthought.. It is a beautifully balanced, beautifully engineered car with a lot more than just a lot of load space to entice you. There’s Vega’s surprisingly responsive overhead cam engine, for example. And standard front disc brakes. A double-panel steel roof, side-guard beams in the doors, a 50,000-mile air cleaner, foam-filled seats front and rear, even an electric fuel pump that cuts out to stop the car if the oil pressure ever drops too low. Vega. It grows on you. And it’s growing on America.

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