The Luxury Car For Those Who Refuse To Relax Their Standards.



Alfissimo!  The driving spirit of Alfa Romeo.

You may never know when it strikes, but when it does, you will feel….. liberated?

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This vintage advertisement has been trimmed carefully from its original periodical or technical manual.  Some wear and tear exists as these are original pieces.  We recommended the ad prior to framing be trimmed to fit your matte and to remove any edge wear.

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Anyone who pays $40,000 for a luxury sedan should not be asked to do so in a spirit of forgiveness for its deficiencies. The BMW 7331 makes no such requests. And one of the world’s most unforg1v1ng production processes makes certain that none 1s ever needed. That process mandates over 3 million operations for the assembly of the body alone. It controls chassis alignments to w1th1n 411,000ths of an inch. And 1t assesses the corros1on- res1stance of structural metals by submerging them 1n salt water for at least ten days. It also endows the BMW 7331 with such technological 1nnovat1ons as an optional four-speed automatic transm1ss1on that doesn’t force you to sacrifice the prec1s1on of a manual gearbox. but rather “gives the best of both worlds” (Autosport magazine). But the 7331 1s freer of compromise than even that implies.Of its more than 4,000 parts. none ever suffers from inattention because it’s Judged ‘minor.’ The electrically-powered leather bucket seats are orthoped1cally molded to the contours of the spine. And because they’ re 1nf1nitely adjustable, being uncomfortable 1s all but an anatomical 1mposs1b1hty. Human anatomy even dictates the design of the buttons that operate the power windows and the two-pos1t1on electric sunroof: They are precisely shaped to fit the natural curvature of the f1ngert1p. The 7331, 1n short. 1s an automobile 1n which nothing has been left to chance, in which luxury is the result of -rather than a substitute for-genuinely superior design and craftsmanship. Providing something life commonly denies the perfectionist: Vindication. instead of disappointment. THE ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE.*

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