Why would you want a car that’s built to cruise at 100 mph?



Why would you want a car that’s built to cruise at 100 mph?

I guess this question seemed a silly question at some point… or did it?

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After all, except for one or two places, the law in this country doesn’t permit that kind of speed. Then why BMW ? Here’s why. In Germany, there are no speed limits on the Autobahns, and fast driving is a national sport. So at the Bavarian Motor Works, where we’ve been producing fine automobiles for almost 50 years, we set out to build a car that could cruise those highways at great speed. A car that could cover huge distances in a single day, without the least strain. The result is something quite special. The new BMW gives you performance and strength and stamina that you’ll find hard to believe. Its exceptionally advanced power plant, an extremely shortstroke engine with hemispheric swirlaction combustion chambers, delivers tremendous torque. And the car’s roadholding ability is truly amazing. This is due to a unique, fully-independent suspension that features a multi-jointed rear axle. Wheels are mounted on spring struts in front and semi-trailing arms in the rear. Even at high speed, a BMW will hold on to the roughest of roads, thanks to this extraordinary system. Perhaps most remarkable of all, the’ BMW gives you this kind of quality at a price under $3,000. So why a car that’s built to cruise at: I 00 mph? Because to do it, that car has to be one of the best-built anywhere in 1 the world. And that’s BMW. See your1 dealer. Suggested retail prices start at $2,597 P.O.E. New’ York. U.S. Importer: Hoffman Motors Corporation, 375 Park Avenue, New York, N.Y .. 1862 S. La Cienega Blvd., Los Angeles, Calif. Dealers coast to coast. Advantageous European Delivery Program. Write for free brochure. Bavarian Motor Works

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